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When it comes to XXXX crime scene cleanup, If a civil servant (city and county employees) sends you to a cleaning company, both they and the company are "cronies" and acting in bad faith. They are setting you up because they can. They plan to make money off of your misfortune.

The bottom line: Cronyism in crime scene cleanup means that civil servants receive kickbacks from XXXX crime scene cleanup companies. Do not use government employee referred companies.

Ensure that your San Diego county officials place public information signs in conspicuous place ensuring that the public understands that employees do not refer private companies for anything not previously approved by the board of supervisors.



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My Story


Perhaps you are reading these words on a holiday or holiday weekend. Or maybe you live in an apartment, condominium, mobil home, or simply look like you do not have home owners insurance. This would help to explain why a coroner or medical examiner, or public guardian, or sheriff, or police department, or fire department employee did not send you to their company. If you had home owners insurance, most likely you would not have reached this page.

These facts help to explain my story, my crime scene cleanup business story for the last 10 years. You see, I travel to find work. I suppose that my business resembles a hybrid Internet marketing company mixed into a part-time-crime scene cleanup company. The one, Internet marketing, I do to find folks in need of my crime scene cleanup business. I would prefer to do all or most of my crime scene cleanup work in Orange County, California. But as criminality would have it, I live in a county that supports criminal county employee behavior. You can read more about this situation at Orange County Fraud or Orange County Consumer Fraud. Just do a search and you will find either or both easily enough.

Crime Scene Cleaners

Crime scene cleaners remove biohazards. Biohazards on crime scene are much like those left by suicide, unattended death, and human decomposition.

You can find a do it yourself blood cleanup web page on the Intenerate. Plus, a number of other blood cleanup we pages offer information.

You will soon find that by searching the Internet that I have possibly placed other sites on your path. They offer the same and similar information as this page. Although, all together, many of may pages actually offer some diversity in information. Like the page that you happen to be reading, it serves to inform those in need of biohazard cleanup help. It helps to to warn people about corrupt county officials.

What else can I do, what else should I do but warn people about what I have learned by this hybrid work of mine.

So that you know, all human blood now carries bloodborne pathogens. These germs have a universally recognized disease potential. Whether or not they do does not count. The Center for Disease control says so. Wet blood, moist blood, dry flaky blood have biohazards, then. Treat blood as such.

Blood cleanup by professional cleaners helps avoid unnecessary emotional. If you can afford a trauma cleanup company, hire one. If you cannot, try do it yourself blood cleanup for suggestions.


Crime Scene Cleanup Company

A crime scene cleanup company has a duty to train its employees in bloodborne pathogen issues. It also has a duty to ensure that its employee have no felony arrests. Crime scene cleaners have an important role to play in public health. They have little role to play in counseling; however, at times grieving family members have questions about suicides and cleaners' experiences with suicide cleanup. Some families feel that their situation somehow separates them from anyone; hardly, we find, do suicides stand alone in their horrific similarities.

Most crime scene cleaners are not trained to answer questions of a counseling nature. Many crime scene cleanup companies insist that their employees say no more than necessary. Some allow some informal chit-chat with families or friends of the decedent.

Cleaners may, in a cordial and caring manner, offer to stand-in as a sounding board. It does no one harm to have an observant and effective listener gives feedback to gnawing questions. We might call this a form of "reality checking," a process for helping the griever recover their sense of self and place. "Surreal" often comes to mind in the first days following a a violent homicide or violent suicide. An unattended death catches everybody by surprise and people feel guilty for something they might have done or had rather not done.

Religion, philosophy, and other time-bound subjects should never enter a cleaner's conversation with clients.

Listening does no harm then, but it must end with attention to summarizing the discussion. Such a discussion has a practical purpose, to help the survivor debrief, to understand what has occurred. Whether a crime scene cleaner chooses to play out this listening-feedback role, or helps the griever go over what they have heard and related, all this depends on circumstances, the griever's opportunities to find other sources of reality checking, and the crime scene cleaner's willingness and courtesy in stressful situations.

It's better to "leave it alone" whenever possible. But some family members may insistently question the cleaner's experience in similar circumstances. They simply want to know what makes them different; they feel awkward, responsible, guilty, abandoned, wronged, and lost.

On a suicide cleanup, it's best to relate that "No one know why anyone commits suicide, even when they leave a note." This fact needs sharing.





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