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This means that you should ignore city and county employees' referrals. Call me.

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Priced for the working family by Eddie Evans.


When it comes to crime scene cleanup, If a civil servant (city and county employee) sends you to a cleaning company, both they and the company are "cronies" and acting in bad faith. They intend to cheat you for as much as they can get away with. They are setting you up because they can. They plan to make money off of your misfortune. That's the kind of people they are; fortunately, most civil servants are honest, hard working people. You can take my word for it. My name is Eddie Evans.

The bottom line: Cronyism in crime scene cleanup means that civil servants receive kickbacks from crime scene cleanup companies. Do not use government employee referred crime scene cleanup companies.

Ensure that your county officials place public information signs in conspicuous places ensuring that the public understands their employees do not refer private cleaning companies for blood cleanup work.


What I do.

I own my own crime scene cleanup business and have been in this business for about 11 years. I have cleaned up traumatic blood loss for over 12 years. As a professional crime scene cleaner serving all of California and surrounding states, I offer very low prices compared to my competitors.

I can offer lower prices because I do my own cleaning. I have no employees to pay. I have no Social Security insurance to pay for employees; I have no medical insurance to pay for employees; I have no vacation pay to pay for employees, and I have no additional charges against my overhead because of employee mishaps. Most important, I do not need to worry about employee thefts from grieving families.


I guarantee my work. I guarantee my price. I give a fixed price quote on the telephone for just about all work. I prefer to run my business this way because it adds to my peace of mind. I don't need to worry about confronting a grieving family with an increase in charges. This is important to me.

Besides, I can complete most work within one day. And even if I must spend time on a second day at homicide cleanup, I still come out ahead. This is important to me too. In this way questions of integrity do not arise. In any case, my price and work to be completed are guaranteed and in writing before you even see me. I ask for an exchange of emails so that I and my clients are on the same page when it comes to any blood cleanup work.

I charge less than $1000 on most crime scene cleanup jobs. If a shotgun or a high caliber rifle is used, I may need to charge a few hundred dollars more. In such cases with the sight unseen, I offer a not to exceed price. This not to exceed price will have a low point and a high point depending on the overall situation. Most generally I fixe a not to exceed price of $1000.

My price includes all tools, materials, and more.

Homicide Cleanup

On homicide cleanup jobs I remove source material; I scrub and rinse repeatedly. I disinfect the soiled areas before, during, and after I've clean. In this way I helpe to protect myself before I begin work while ensuring disinfecting continues from beginning to end. Last, I seal the soiled area if needed.

in California homicide comes under the California criminal cold number 187, known as California Penal Code 187. Homicide in California may occur by design in which case it becomes a matter of degrees. Homicides by accident may include manslaughter in varying degree of the perpetrators negligence.


Domestic Violence

Most homicides occur in residences. Most often a male perpetrator murders his spouse or live-in girlfriend. At times a perpetrator may murder one or more of a female's children. Sometimes a female survives a horrendous beating. She may find a restraining order helps in the initial stages of an ongoing, savage series of beatings.

A male perpetrator may leave the residence for as long as years. And then return from seemingly nowhere and begin beating his female victim. The perpetrator becomes outraged and escalates the savagery of the beating. In this way many male on female homicides take place.

Most female homicides in a residence occur while the female defends yourself against a male attacker. This is not something that occurs the first time, usually; beatings of female occur often in domestic settins. She will put up with a number of beatings because her mother did the same. In time she learns that she must defend herself to the death. In this way females become part of the residential homicide scene.

Children are known to kill potential male perpetrators murder their mother. In this way they protect themselves and their mother. All though these residential homicides are on the decline, they do continue to occur.


Why Fewer Domestic Homicides?

So why have we seen fewer residential homicides over the last few decades? It's because of the women's movement in the 19 seventies. Because women's groups demanded that local law enforcement do something about domestic violence, United States Congress legislated protection for family members against domestic violence. As years passed police departments became more responsible and more proactive to ending domestic violence.

Before the 1970s police officers serving Sacramento responded to domestic violence scenes and left the male perpetrators in place. Now when police officers were leave a domestic violence saying, the offending party goes to jail. Now counseling programs are mandatory in many of our California counties for partners involved in domestic violence. These counseling courses may cost over $1000 and require attending class for over six months. Failure to meet expectations of the courts to attend these courses will lead to more jail time. In the worst cases Sacramento family members are taken from their home by court order. They are ordered to remain apart, but these are in the worst cases. San Francisco's murder rate dropped dramatically following these changes. Apparently, women's groups were more forceful in seeing these changes occur. Sacramento residents benefitted as a result.

Los Angeles County Police Officers find their most dangerous call arise from domestic disputes.





Call any hour, any day for Sacramento's crime scene cleanup information. No obligation; no contracts. Bonded, insured, licensed for crime scene cleanup in California. Twelve years experience as a blood cleanup practitioner. Crime scene cleanup company owner and cleaner for over 11 years.



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My Story


Perhaps you are reading these words on a holiday or holiday weekend. Or maybe you live in an apartment, condominium, mobil home, or simply look like you do not have home owners insurance. This would help to explain why a coroner or medical examiner, or public guardian, or sheriff, or police department, or fire department employee did not send you to their company. If you had home owners insurance, most likely you would not have reached this page.

These facts help to explain my story, my crime scene cleanup business story for the last 10 years. You see, I travel to find work. I suppose that my business resembles a hybrid Internet marketing company mixed into a part-time-crime scene cleanup company. The one, Internet marketing, I do to find folks in need of my crime scene cleanup business. I would prefer to do all or most of my crime scene cleanup work in Orange County, California. But as criminality would have it, I live in a county that supports criminal county employee behavior. You can read more about this situation at Orange County Fraud or Orange County Consumer Fraud. Just do a search and you will find either or both easily enough.


Crime Scene Cleaners

Crime scene cleaners remove biohazards. Biohazards on crime scene are much like those left by suicide, unattended death, and human decomposition.

You can find a do it yourself blood cleanup web page on the Intenerate. Plus, a number of other blood cleanup we pages offer information.

You will soon find that by searching the Internet that I have possibly placed other sites on your path. They offer the same and similar information as this page. Although, all together, many of may pages actually offer some diversity in information. Like the page that you happen to be reading, it serves to inform those in need of biohazard cleanup help. It helps to to warn people about corrupt county officials.

What else can I do, what else should I do but warn people about what I have learned by this hybrid work of mine.

So that you know, all human blood now carries bloodborne pathogens. These germs have a universally recognized disease potential. Whether or not they do does not count. The Center for Disease control says so. Wet blood, moist blood, dry flaky blood have biohazards, then. Treat blood as such.

Blood cleanup by professional cleaners helps avoid unnecessary emotional. If you can afford a trauma cleanup company, hire one. If you cannot, try do it yourself blood cleanup for suggestions.


Crime Scene Cleanup Company

A crime scene cleanup company has a duty to train its employees in bloodborne pathogen issues. It also has a duty to ensure that its employee have no felony arrests. Crime scene cleaners have an important role to play in public health. They have little role to play in counseling; however, at times grieving family members have questions about suicides and cleaners' experiences with suicide cleanup. Some families feel that their situation somehow separates them from anyone; hardly, we find, do suicides stand alone in their horrific similarities.

Most crime scene cleaners are not trained to answer questions of a counseling nature. Many crime scene cleanup companies insist that their employees say no more than necessary. Some allow some informal chit-chat with families or friends of the decedent.

Cleaners may, in a cordial and caring manner, offer to stand-in as a sounding board. It does no one harm to have an observant and effective listener gives feedback to gnawing questions. We might call this a form of "reality checking," a process for helping the griever recover their sense of self and place. "Surreal" often comes to mind in the first days following a a violent homicide or violent suicide. An unattended death catches everybody by surprise and people feel guilty for something they might have done or had rather not done.

Religion, philosophy, and other time-bound subjects should never enter a cleaner's conversation with clients.

Listening does no harm then, but it must end with attention to summarizing the discussion. Such a discussion has a practical purpose, to help the survivor debrief, to understand what has occurred. Whether a crime scene cleaner chooses to play out this listening-feedback role, or helps the griever go over what they have heard and related, all this depends on circumstances, the griever's opportunities to find other sources of reality checking, and the crime scene cleaner's willingness and courtesy in stressful situations.

It's better to "leave it alone" whenever possible. But some family members may insistently question the cleaner's experience in similar circumstances. They simply want to know what makes them different; they feel awkward, responsible, guilty, abandoned, wronged, and lost.

On a suicide cleanup, it's best to relate that "No one knows why anyone commits suicide, even when they leave a note." This fact needs sharing.

I rarely find a suicide note during suicide cleanup. I once found a note left by a sailor stationed in San Diego. He wrote the following: "I don't want to go back to the Navy." I did not believe it. Everything about his apartment told me that this man had a fine career in the Navy. Perhaps something happened aboard ship and he felt ashamed. In crime scene cleanup one never knows for certain why people commit suicide.

When I do find these notes they say little of relevance. Once I recovered a suicide note inside of a new car. Its owner, a middle-aged female was dying of cancer. She wrote the note for her pastor. Apparently he had counseled with her for some time. She wanted him not to despair. She was tired of drugs and her Orange County hospital expenses. Her life was at its end she believed and expedited the affair with a handgun. This was the most attentive, detailed crime scene cleanup in my years of cleaning after suicides.

Sometimes crime scene cleanup brings some powerful events into the crime scene cleaner's life. There's no way around it. Do they enrich one's life? Probably if seen in perspective in the on-going struggle for existence.






Powered by Eddie Evans and his crime scene cleanup efforts to protect consumers from civil servant fraud agains victims' of homicide, suicide, and unattended death cleanup cheats.

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